Ancient mosaic craft turns into an unparalleled creative group experience.
With the assistance provided by the masters of a historical Roman studio, participants are invited to make a precious piece of mosaic artwork with colleagues or friends.

  • Duration: 2 hours 30 min.
  • Estimate cost: The cost can vary and is flexible, depending on the number of the participants and special requests, and it can be easily adapted to your needs


Led by our specialists, the activity can take place at our Rome-based studio in via Urbana 98, where we can accommodate groups up to 15 people or, in other spaces, suitable for Team Mosaic Making and for larger groups too.


Prior to the beginning of the session, the customer is supposed to forward the image which is in turn transformed into a pixel image by our graphic designers.

The dimensions of the mosaic depend on the number of the participants.

After a short introduction on the history of mosaic making art, apprentices start working with precious Italian marble tiles.

Each participant makes their own individual fragment, which at the end is assembled onto a single panel.

At the end of the activity, the mosaic will be ready for transport and possible final installation.

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