A four-day intensive mosaic course in Rome

This is a short and intensive course directed at all students showing interest and full of passion for this ancient art.

  • Duration: 4 days, total hours of the course: 21
  • Total fees, including materials and frames: 390 €


13-16 July 2019
14-17 September 2019
12-15 October 2019
16-19 November 2019
14-17 December 2019

11-14 January 2020
15-18 February 2020
14-17 March 2020
11-14 April 2020
16-19 May 2020
13-16 June 2020

Number of people: from 1 to 5

Upgrade your basic skills to a professional level with this intensive 4-day workshop. Here, teachers, specialized in the different techniques and expressive languages of mosaic making, will provide you with full assistance in realizing your own and unique piece of mosaic-work. The comprehensive program includes historical notions, textural techniques, techniques of assembly and installation, cutting and chromatic composition aiming to generate an efficient process at both beginners’ and advanced levels. Small groups and individual approach only.

Our students can choose one of these topics for their course:

Basic Roman Mosaic

Advanced Roman Mosaic

Human Body

Church mosaic

Upon your special request only:

Large format mosaics

Roman micromosaic (Filato technique)

You can freely choose your pattern. Should it be rather intricate, you can always make just a fragment of it.

The dimension of the mosaic depends on your pattern but on average, it is 15×18 or 20x20cm.

Duration of course: 4 days

Saturday: 14.00-17.30; historical notions, cutting materials

Sunday: 9.30-13.00, 14.00-17.30; textural techniques

Monday: 9.30-13.00, 14.00-17.30; chromatic composition

Tuesday: 14.00-17.30; techniques of assembly and installation.

The course will
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