A four-day, intensive mosaic course in Rome

This is a short and intensive course directed at all students showing interest and full of passion for this ancient art. It welcomes students from all over the world.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Total fees, including materials and frames: 390 €


15-18 October 2018

15-18 November 2018

15-18 December 2018

12-15 January 2019

16-19 February 2019

16-19 March 2019

13-16 April 2019

18-21 May 2019

15-17 June 2019

13-16 July 2019

Numero massimo di partecipanti: 7

The course aims for the students to manufacture a complete mosaic. It involves, of course, some background activity such as history, cutting of tiles, chromatic and layout composition, techniques of posing and assembling, in order to offer a complete learning process, both at educational and experiential levels.

The course will
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